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Tank Selv Mobile Broadband

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With OiSTER Tank Selv you have no subscription! You just purchase your start kit at one of our dealers and top up 1 day, 1 week or 1 month at a time - when you need it. You can top up with your credit card directly on www.OiSTER.dk/Tankselv or top up cash in one of the many OiSTER Tank Selv dealers.

You decide when and where you want to be online and pay only when you actually need to be online. We specialize in offering you the best Internet solution that installs in just 5 minutes on both PC and Mac. You always have access to www.OiSTER.dk/Tankselv, even if you're not online. Therefore, you can always activate the product or top up even after you have run out of surf time. With OiSTER Tank Selv you have the opportunity to use max. up to 50 GB per month.

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Do you need a 3G modem?

In order to use OiSTER Tank Selv, you will most likely need a 3G modem. You can purchase a start kit with a modem in the shops that sell Tank Selv.  You can also use a laptop with embedded 3G modem or alternatively, you can use a USB modem from another provider (OiSTER does not guarentee the compatibility). If you are going to use Tank Selv in your tablet, you will not need a 3G modem.

» See list of shops that sell OiSTER Mobile Broadband here

How much does it cost to top up?

Prices of the start kits

Start kit without modem costs 99 Dkr. incl. 7 days surf.

Ideal if you already have a 3G modem or plan to use the product in your tablet.

Start kit with modem costs 499 Dkr. incl. 30 days surf.


OiSTER uses 3's mobile data network, which is Denmark's absolute best. You can check the coverage on your address here.